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How to Set Up Conversion Action in Google Ads
How to Set Up Conversion Action in Google Ads

Step-by-step guide for setting up conversion action in Google Ads.

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There are two approaches for working with Adtriba conversions in Google Ads:

  1. Displaying Adtriba conversions without using them for automated bid optimization 

  2. Displaying Adtriba conversions and using them for automated bid optimization

Both of these approaches could either work with the regular attribution values or the CLV attribution values. Here you can read more about it.


Adtriba Conversions can greatly improve your bid optimization in Google Ads by fostering a more comprehensive and holistic bidding strategy. Typically, Google Ads might overestimate its contribution to conversions as it doesn't account for customer interactions within other marketing channels.

For instance, whenever a Google Ads campaign contributes to a successful customer journey, resulting in a conversion or sale, Google Ads tends to attribute the entire success to itself. This happens even if there are other contributing factors, like a click from a Facebook ad or an AdRoll retargeting campaign. Consequently, this can result in overvaluing and overspending on Google Ads campaigns.

By incorporating Adtriba Conversions into your Google Ads strategies, this issue is effectively resolved. It allows for an unbiased, cross-channel bid optimization that takes into account the contributions from various marketing channels.

We ensure that the conversion data is updated on a daily basis for the preceding 7 days. If needed, we can also upload historical conversion data up to the point when Adtriba Tracking was first integrated into your system.

Set Up Google Ads for the Adtriba Conversion Export

For both approaches, new conversion types have to be set up in Google Ads before the export can be activated:

Google Ads

  1. Navigate to "Tools" in the Google Ads account

  2. Click on "Conversions" under "Measurement"

  3. Click on "New conversion action"

Or (depending on which interface you are using)

  1. Navigate to "Goals" in the Google Ads account

  2. Click “Conversions” from the drop-down menu

  3. Click “Summary” and Click the “+” button

4. Choose "Import" for the conversion type

5. Choose "Manual import using API or uploads" or ”Other data sources or CRMs", then "Track conversions from clicks". Click "Continue"

Create a conversion action to upload conversions from clicks:

  1. Select “converted lead” for Goal and Action Optimisation

    1. Select “Primary action used for bidding optimisation” for action to be optimised by default

    2. Select “Secondary action not used for bidding optimisation” for action not to be optimised by default

Note: If you choose "Converted lead," the option and "Secondary action not used for bidding optimization" is no longer be clickable. In this case, you can easily resolve this by selecting "Purchase" from the dropdown menu instead.

2. Name your conversion 'Adtriba Conversion - {{Your Report Name}}'.

3. Select "Use different values for each conversion" for Value

4. Enter “0” as the default value

5. Select the currency that is used in the conversion tracking

6. Select "every" for Count

7. Click-through conversion window: 60 days

8. Choose "Use external attribution" for Attribution Model

9. Click “Create and continue

10. Choose "API" to import offline conversions

You can also follow the same process to create a new conversion titled 'Adtriba Conversion CLV - {{Your Report Name}}'. This enables you to import the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) attribution values as well.

Remember, if you have multiple reports in Adtriba, you have the option to create a corresponding number of conversion actions.

Show Adtriba Conversions Not Included in Conversions

  1. Add the "All Conversions" column to the respective report (Ad Group, Keyword, Campaign, etc.). 

  2. Choose Segment - Conversions - Conversion Action

Adtriba conversions are now shown in the "All Conversions" column of the specific report.

  • Please note: In rare cases, it can take up to 48 hours until the conversions show up in your Google Ads reporting. In this case, the data is already provided in the Google Ads backend but does not show up. Normally, all conversions should be displayed within 4-5 hours after upload.

  • If you are operating on an MCC, please add the conversion event separately to all subaccounts.

Show Adtriba Conversions and Include in Conversions for Bid Optimization

To use the Adtriba conversions instead of the Google Ads conversions for bid optimization, the below steps need to be followed:

  1. Open "Tools" - "Conversions"

  2. Click on the conversion that's currently the basis for bid management, i.e. the one "included in Conversions"

  3. Edit setting for this conversion

  4. Set Include in "Conversions" to No and click Save, then Done

  5. Click on "Adtriba Conversion" and then on Edit settings

  6. Set Include in "Conversions" to Yes and click Save, then Done

Instead of working with the standard "Adtriba Conversion" you can also choose "Adtriba Conversion CLV". Please don't set Include in Conversions to yes for both Adtriba Conversion types, since this would lead to double counting of conversions.

Adtriba conversions can now be seen in the conversion column in all reports. Adding the "Adtriba Conversion" column to your report is also possible. So there is no need to use the segment view from the previous part.

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