How to activate the Adtriba destination within your Segment account

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  1. Go to the Adtriba Dashboard on the Project Settings page and click on 'Setup'.

2. Copy the provided Project Tracker ID / API Key to your clipboard, as you will need to paste it into Segment > Your Workspace > Destinations → Adtriba → Settings.

3. Now log into your Segment account, and select the workspace where you want to add the Adtriba destination.

4. On the Destinations page, click on ‘Add Destination’.

5. On the ‘Destinations Catalog‘ page, search for ‘Adtriba’ and click to add it for further configuration.

6. You need to add your Adtriba Project Tracker ID / API Key to enable the destination. Click within the 'Connection Settings' on the ‘API Key’ item.

7. Paste the Adtriba Project Tracker ID / API Key into the ‘API Key’ field and click on ‘Save’.

8. Activate the the Adtriba destination and you are all set. The Segment tracking data will now be forwarded to Adtriba.

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