As many customers do have their own data-visualisation solutions in use we want to offer every customer to pull our data from Adtriba into their datawarehouses.

Once you want to use our Customer Journey export we'll provide you with credentials for our server, where your export is ready to be pulled.

Your BI or IT will get credentials for an S3 bucket, where they can pull the export fully automated on a daily base to store it in your datastorage. By storing the Adtriba data in your own datawarehouse you can combine it with your internal CRM data and use it for your internal reporting and analysis.


From our point of view it makes totally sense to use the Adtriba export and combine it with your own CRM data to gather further insights about your marketing activities. Typical usecases / questions are: 

  • How many new users have been acquired by a marketing action which looks high in its performance? 

  • How many users have been reactivated by a certain marketing activity? 

  • Do some kind of users (specific demographics) react better than others on a certain marketing activity 

  • CLV calculation 

  • and many more ....

Overview Dimensions & Metrics Customer Journey Report

We provide three different exports to our clients by default. Please have a look below to see the respecting dimensions and metrics for each export. You will need them to use the exports for your datastudio connection for example.

Customer Journey Report

  • id: AdTriba Unique ID

  • conversion_id: Conversion/Order ID (set by the client within the conversion tracking event)

  • conversion_ts: Conversion Timestamp

  • basket_value: Revenue value from the conversion event

  • currency: Revenue currency

  • click_ts: Touchpoint Click Timestamp

  • step: Touchpoint Step

  • channel: UTM Channel

  • source: UTM Source

  • campaign: UTM Campaign

  • medium: UTM Medium

  • location: Touchpoint Location

  • attributed_credits: AdTriba Attribution Weights/Credits

  • attributed_credits_ushaped: U-Shaped

  • attributed_credits_firstcontact: First Contact

  • attributed_credits_lastcontact: Last Contact

  • attributed_credits_linear: Linear

  • attributed_credits_timedecay: Time Decay

Customizing the Customer Journey Export 

We can customize the export regarding your wishes. Each case needs to be reviewed from our development team in advance to confirm. A custom export will involve additional costs such as a one-time set up fee and a small increase of your monthly license fee for maintenance reasons. The additional costs will be discussed in advance. 

Performance Report

  • report_date: Date

  • conversion_id: Conversion/Order ID (set by the client within the conversion tracking event)

  • channel: UTM Channel

  • source: UTM Source

  • campaign: UTM Campaign

  • conversions: data-driven attributed conversions

  • revenue: data-driven attributed revenue

  • conversions_lastcontact: conversions after absolute last click model

  • revenue_lastcontact: revenue after absolute last click model

  • conversions_firstcontact: conversions after abslute first click model

  • revenue_firstcontact: revenue after absolute first click model

  • conversions_timedecay: conversions after timedecay model

  • revenue_timedecay: revenue after timedecay model

  • conversions_ushaped: conversions after ushaped model

  • revenue_ushaped: revenue after ushaped model

  • costs: always null

Spend Report (only for funnel customers)

  • date: Date

  • channel: UTM Channel

  • source: UTM Source

  • campaign: UTM Campaign

  • spend: spend

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