1. Integrate the Integration Snippet into your website (day 1)

This is the starting point. Please let us know when you've completed this step so that we can check if everything is going well.

More information about our Pixel? Click here

2. Check whether the data matches (3 days after having successfully integrated the tracking code)

Check whether page views, conversions and impressions tracked by Adtriba match the data from your existing tracking solution. We kindly ask you to let us know about the results (via E-Mail or Chat). If there are any significant discrepancies (over 5%), we will look into these. After this step we'll activate and unlock the other reports.

3. Connect AdWords and Adtriba

Click on "Integrations", then on the Google AdWords logo to synchronize the data. Simply follow the steps as displayed on the screen.

4. Set up the Channel Mapper (after step 2 & 3 have been successfully completed)

Fill out the channel mapper with your customized channel grouping, naming, and mapping.

More information about the channel mapper? Click here

5. Compare Last-Contact numbers (after step 4 has been successfully completed)

Please go to the performance report tab. Make sure that the data in the last-contact columns is close to the data in your existing tracking solution. Again, please let us know, if there any discrepancies larger than 5%. 

6. Attribution Algorithm Release  (after 2 to 4 weeks)

We'll let you know immediately once there's sufficient data tracked and the quality metric of the attribution algorithm is high enough. The KPIs based on the algorithm in the performance report are no longer grayed out. At this point we'll set up a call to discuss first insights and optimization suggestions.

7. Onboarding call

After everything is set up, we'll contact you to get you on the phone with us again. In this call we are going to explain the UI and the database to make sure you fully understand all features and that you can make the most out of Adtriba. 

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