Since 2019 every user needs to give its consent before any tracking pixel is allowed to be executed on your website. 

To react properly in this situation most of our clients use Consent Management solutions which will handle the consent as well as the marketing pixel.

The Consent Management blocks all pixel to be executed on the first pageview. After the user gave his consent, the pixel will be executed on the second pageview earliest.

As Adtriba uses URL-Parameter to distinguish and 'read' traffic sources, the Adtriba pixel needs to be executed while the URL-Parameters are still in the URL, which is on the first pageview. Normally, on the second pageview, the parameters are gone already.

What can we do to avoid any problems? 

Your IT would need to persist any URL-parameters who show up on the first pageview. They can do it via saving the parameters in a cookie or persisting them in the URL on the second pageview.   

If you need help, or you are not sure if your Consent Manager is impacting the Adtriba tracking, don't hesitate to contact us via

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