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Using our integration with the SaaS Adtriba receives cost- and aggregated view-data from all of your advertising platforms - fully automated on a daily base.


The integration includes basically 2 steps:

  1. Letting us know you want to use Funnel

It's easy, once you let us know that you want to use funnel, we'll prepare the connection between both tools and we'll set up a call between you and funnel for setting up your funnel account.  

2. In the call with funnel you will connect all your Ad platforms with funnel in the funnel interface.

Once the call is done, the data starts to flow.
No more effort from your site necessary.

Please mind: The funnel integration is limited to importing cost and view data from your platforms to Adtriba only. If you want to use further export functions of funnel it's not included in the initial discounted Adtriba pricing.

Setting up Facebook connection

To receive the data regarding the displays/views from Facebook and Instagram, please set up the selected fields shown in the screenshots below when connecting Facebook in funnel. If you already set up the connection otherwise please delete the 'old' connection and set it up once again using the selected fields shown below. Otherwise, we won't be able to get the data from Facebook and Instagram.

Static costs

If you want to upload static costs to, please use the provided templates of and inform us once everything is uploaded. We at Adtriba need to enhance your export from accordingly to match the static costs the right way.

Hence you will need to execute the following steps to see the static costs in Adtriba:

1) Upload your static costs to

2) Inform Adtriba about your static costs and where you would expect them to show up in your channel mapping.

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