What is the Adtriba Display Impression Snippet? 

Adtriba offers the possibility to track views of display ads or email openings.
The view tracking is available by integrating an Adtriba impression snippet for a specific publisher or campaign directly in the ad or email you want to track impressions from.

How to create the Adtriba Impression Snippet

You can create your impression snippets all by yourself using the Adtriba user interface. Just navigate to ' Tools' and click on Display Impression Snippet:

You can now find yourself in the Display Impression Interface where you can create your snippets for each of your publishers and campaigns you want to track. 

Normally you want to create one snippet for each publisher or campaign, for example:

  • You run Display ads via Criteo, Outbrain and Sociomantic

Hence you would create 3 snippets one for each publisher you want to track impressions from. If you want to get the campaign information on the view as well you should create 1 snippet for each publisher/campaign combination. 

  1. Select your Publisher ID

  2. Insert your Campaign ID - typically you would insert the naming you would expect as campaign in your performance report

  3. In advance to the mandatory fields you can insert more placeholders which will deliver more details about the ad shown 

  4. Once both mandatory fields are filled your pixel is created and you can copy it 

  5. Check incoming impressions and benchmark with your publisher-platform via the tracking report

Not all publishers allow the integration of a view pixel. If you don't know if it's possible for your publishers, please reach out to your publisher account management to ask them if it's possible to insert view tracking pixel and what kind of advanced informations can be transmitted. 

We are certified / integrated already in the following publishers (certification is not necessary for all publishers)













When using TCF 2.0 compliant impression pixel?

Please only use this pixel if it was specifically requested by your publisher, otherwise it won't work.

When using the macro option for the snippet?

Please use this if you use macros / placeholders for the publisher and campaign name which will be automatically filled in from your publisher. In this case you would only paste the macro-values in the publisher and campaign fields on top. The pixel will then put the brackets in the right format.

Good to know:


The display view snippets only works in HTML 5 banners for affiliates such as Awin.

Change input for your current display snippet

Let's assume there is an active impression pixel (currently in use at a publisher) but the pixel values are not valid anymore and need to be changed.

In this case you easy change the values in the pixel according your wishes - as long as the pixel was saved during the creation process.

If you haven't saved the pixel before you need to create a new pixel using your new input for the according fields.

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