What is the Channel Mapping for? 

We want you to have the possibility to work with your usual channel grouping, even if you are not in your common web analytics tool. 

Hence we created the Adtriba Channel Mapper which will give you the opportunity to map all your incoming traffic. 

How does the Channel Mapper work? 

The cannel mapper is fully rule based. You can create mapping rules based on the input factors: Channel, Medium, Source, Campaign

Within one rule all conditions are connected with an 'and relationship'. The rules among themselves are connected with an 'or relationship'.

The mapping will effect the way and the hierarchy of the channels, sources and campaigns in your Adtriba reports. 

You can map your different sources mediums or campaigns into different channels or mediums - whatever structure is needed, feel free to adapt.

Where can I find the Channel Mapper? 

You can find the channel mapper via 'Channel mapper' in the main menu on the lefthand side.

The Channel Mapper itself is easy to set up.

You can start by either creating a completely new channelmapping or by copying a channelmapping which is saved and running in one of your other projects.

If you decide to go for a completely new channel mapping you can easily start by 'Create new mapping'.

You can add several conditions to one rule by using the + / - within the rule.

The conditions within one rule are connected with an AND relationship

It's not possible to add several values within one field or one rule

For example:

If you want to map criteo and awin impressions into the channel 'Affiliate' you would need two separate rules where:

1) source= criteo AND channel= display views go into channel=Affiliate

you can then copy this rule and exchange criteo with awin

2) source= awin AND channel= display views go into channel=Affiliate

To add a new rule you can either copy an already existent rule or click the + next to a saved rule. To delete a rule click on the - next to the rule.

With the new Preview function you can instantly check weather your rules work as expected or need some more love


When can I see the changes I made in my channel mapping in my reporting? 

It can take up to 24 hours until your changes are shown in the reports. Or use our preview function to see if your rules worked immediately.

Do changes apply on historic data as well? 

Yes, the channel mapping will be automatically apply to all historical and new traffic data in your reports.

Are there any limitations I need to consider? 

  • There must be a value entered for a field, do not leave field blank

  • The channel mapper does work with regex as well

Do I need to be case sensitive when defining new rules?

No, we normalize the entered values on our side (this does not apply to spaces added by mistake).

How's my traffic clustered if I am not using the channel mapper? 

In that case we'll create a default channel grouping following the definitions below:

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