Why do I need to exclude my referrals? 

First of all you don't need to exclude all of your upcoming referrals. That wouldn't do the trick! But there are maybe some referrals which shouldn't be considered as a touchpoint after all. A good example is always PayPal.

PayPal, as a payment provider will lead users from your page to finish the payment and back to your page once they did it successfully. In this case Adtriba would measure a new touchpoint one the user hits the page to complete the payment process. This touchpoint would be probably very successful in the dynamic attribution as it aways shows up in successful customer journeys. The result would be a high conversion weight even though Paypal didn't do anything to help you from a marketing perspective. 

Hence we offer you the possibility to exclude certain referrals from our tracking. Once excluded they won't be considered as a touchpoint for the dynamic attribution anymore.

Don't be worried if you haven't excluded any referrals yet. Adtriba has an internal blacklist which includes the most common referrals such as Paypal.

How to exclude my referrals?

Just go to Project Settngs > General 

And type in all your referrals you want to exclude. 

Changes will apply from that moment on.

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