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Understand and use the Adtriba Tracking Report

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What can I use the Adtriba Tracking Report for? 

The tracking Report in Adtriba can be used to monitor your incoming traffic. We recommend to have a close eye on all the shown metrics. Especially uncommon spikes in conversions, impressions and pageviews indicate issues in your tracking.

In advance we'd recommend to check your direct traffic very closely.

Where to find the Report? 

The report is accessible via the main menu on the left hand side via 'Tracking'.

What does the report show? 

The report basically shows 4 main counts:


The pageviews are counted via our basic  Adtriba Integration Snippet which should be implemented on every page of your website (if you use a single page application the implementation is maybe executed differently). You can benchmark the pageviews with your webanalytics-tool to be sure that the numbers add up and there is no part of your website is left out of the Adtriba tracking.


The Conversions are tracked via the Adtriba Conversion Snippet which should be implemented on the order confirmation page for every order. Again this number should be benchmarked with your webanalytics-tool. If the deviation between Adtriba and your web analytics tool is >5% please contact and we'll help you with the investigation of the deviation. 

For the Conversion ID table on the top please keep in mind that the Ids coming from our raw tracking server. Hence duplicated order ids can show up. For the attribution we deduplicate conversion ids and only take the first one we tracked into consideration.

Display Impressions

The Display Impressions are tracked by your display impression snippets you integrated on your publisher ads or in your emails to track the email openings.
Please compare the numbers from time to time with your Publisher-tools to make sure everything is tagged and tracked properly. 

Please note that for Google GDN - there is a slightly different process to track the impressions.

Micro Conversions

The Micro conversion count will provide you with an overview of tracked micro conversion events. This numbers should be again, benchmarked with your web analytics tool to ensure that all pixel and events are properly implemented.

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