The Performance Report of Adtriba is the heart and soul for marketers who wants to dig in to the performance of their channels and campaigns. With the lean design it's easy to check the performance of your marketing actions across your different report types, campaigns, channels and sources.

Select your Report type

Per default Adtriba offers the possibility to choose between two different conversions the multi-touch attribution uses for the calculation of the conversion weights.

Default Conversion type

The default conversions will show the results of the multi-touch attribution by modelling the customer journeys after your default conversion event. Only the channels who were the respective customer journey will be considered to get a conversion weight and value. 

CLV Conversion type

The CLV attribution works slightly different and merges all touchpoints of all successful customer journeys of one user for the last window of 60 days. Hence all touchpoints can get a value even though they haven't been present in all customer journeys a user successfully converted. 

The comparison mode

Via the comparison drop down you can choose the rulebased attribution model you want to compare the results of the Adtriba multi-touch attribtion model with.

Last Contact

The last contact Model only credits the last touchpoint of a successful customer journey. 

Watch out: Please don't consider out last contact model matching up to your web analytic tool results. For Google Analytics for example the standard model for all reports is last contact - non direct, slightly different but still the numbers will be different. Another factor is the length of the lookback window. For most tools its 30 days, for Adtriba it's 60 days. 

First Contact

the first contact model will only consider the touchpoint which started the customer journey and will attribute all the credit to the first touchpoint ignoring any other touchpoints.


The credit of the customer journey will be attributed equally to all touchpoints in the customer journey no matter what influence a touchpoint really had. 

Time Decay

Every touchpoint will be credited for the conversion. But the first touchpoint will get the lowest value and the last touchpoint the highest value. The value for each touchpoint will be gradually increased.


In this model the first and the last touchpint will get 40% of the credit each. the remaining 20% are attributed to any other touchpoints in between. 

By choosing a model for comparison you will change the report shown below: 

Especially the Conversion Delta % is very interesting, as this column will show you which channel was under- or overvalued in your current attribution. Hence you can identify the channel with the most optimisation potential.


You can drill down the report from cannel to source to campaign. By using the search bar on top you can look after one specific action at a time. If you want to search for a specific campaign you need to drill down to campaign-level first. 

What core questions can I answer with this report? 

Which channel / source or campaign is most undervalued? 

What changes can I expect when switching to Adtribas multi-touch attribution

Where should I start first to optimize? 

Which action works profitable for me? 

If you have any trouble in understanding our Metrics - have a look in our Glossar


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