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Adtriba 2.0. - Customer Journey Report - FILTER
Adtriba 2.0. - Customer Journey Report - FILTER

Learn how to use the filters in the CJ Dashboard of Adtribas new platform

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In the customer journey report we want to give you the uttermost flexibility to proof hypotheses and look at your data in the way you want to. Hence we implemented a range of different filters to give you this opportunity.

ANY - Filter

By using the any filter you tell the report to show you all journeys which include a specific channel.


ANY = Direct

Will return all successful customer journeys which include a Direct touchpoint, no matter if it was an introducer, influencer or closer.

ROLE - Filter

The Role filter will give you the opportunity to filter the customer journeys after specific criteria such as customer journeys where a touchpoint had a specific position.


Introducer= SEA

In this case the report will return all customer journeys where SEA was an introducer touchpoint, not considering any other touchpoints and its position. It's even possible that in some journeys SEA was an introducer, influencer and/or closer.

Furthermore it's possible to combine the role and the any filter. The condition between all filters is an AND-relationship.


ANY= Direct

Introducer= SEA

Closer= Affiliate

This query will return only customer journeys where Direct was an influencer because the introducer and closer touchpoints are specified using different channels.



Influencer= Direct

Closer= Affiliate

In this query SEA can be either an introducer or an influencer, both ways are possible as in customer journeys we can have more than one influencer, plus the introducer touchpoint is not specified.


By using the CJ Length filter you can specify the length of the customer journeys shown in the report window.


Journey Length: 3-13

This query will return CJ which will have at least 3 touchpoints and a maximum of 13 touchpoints


The UMM-Filter can be applied to the customer journeys and will give you the possibility to filter the CJ after your UMM-Touchpoint participation.

A UMM touchpoint is either:

A Social View OR

TV-UMM (Only TV Branding)

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