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Adtriba Conversion Upload in Google Ads
Adtriba Conversion Upload in Google Ads

Learn about the Adtriba conversion export to Google Ads

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What is Adtriba Conversion Export for Google Ads?

Through a standardized and fully automated export of Adtriba Conversions to Google Ads, you can use Adtriba Conversions in Google Ads or Google Search Ads 360. By using this feature, you can enhance your reporting or employ Smart Bidding strategies without needing to switch between multiple platforms.

How can I Utilize Adtriba Conversions in Google Ads?

The Adtriba Conversions can be used in Google Ads as listed below:

  • Analysis of Google Ads measures down to the keyword level

  • Reporting in the actual media tool

  • Application of Adtriba Conversions in Smart Bidding

  • Campaign Experiments in Google Search Ads 360

The Export Process: How Does It Work?

The core of the export process lies in the Google Click ID. Adtriba records this ID whenever a user accesses your website via a Google Ads advertisement and stores it for every touchpoint.

Using our dynamic attribution model, Adtriba assigns a value to each touchpoint and pairs it with the Google Click ID in a daily export to Google Ads. Google then takes our value plus the Google Click ID and matches it with the existing information on the Google Click ID.

The Advantages of Adtriba Conversions for Ad Control

Every time a user clicks on an ad, Google collects a lot of information and stores it under something called a Google Click ID. All of this information is then used by Google in combination with Adtriba Conversions for the ideal control of ads.

Google then combines this information with data from Adtriba Conversions to better control how and where ads are shown. Rather than just using a single Google Ads rating, Adtriba Conversions gives Google a more complete picture of an ad's performance across all channels. This comprehensive view can then be used to adjust budgets, choose keywords, and manage campaigns to meet set goals.

Setting Up Adtriba Conversion Export

To set up the Adtriba Conversion Export, you need to create a conversion action labeled 'Adtriba Conversions' in Google Ads. Once you have set up this action, Adtriba can commence the export after obtaining your approval.

You can follow our step-by-step guide to create a conversion action.

Important Considerations

Google only accepts conversion data that is not older than 90 days. Hence, if you have a robust Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) calculation and a longer lookback window, you might quickly hit this time restriction.

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