What exactly is the Adtriba Conversion Export for Google Ads?

Through a standardized and fully automated export of Adtriba Conversions to Google Ads, you can use Adtriba Conversions in Google Ads or Google Search Ads 360. The conversions can be used for reporting or for smart bidding. With this feature, channel managers can now use Adtriba Conversions in their media control tool without having to log in to another tool.

What can I do with Adtriba Conversions in Google Ads?

The Adtriba Conversions can be used in ads as listed below:

  • Analysis of Google Ads measures down to the keyword level

  • Reporting in the actual media tool

  • Application of Adtriba Conversions in Smart Bidding

  • Campaign Experiments in Google Search Ads 360

On what basis does the export work?

The common point of intersection of both systems is the so-called Google Klick-ID.

This ID is recorded by Adtriba when a page is accessed via a Google Ads advertisement and stored at the touchpoint.

In our dynamic attribution, each touchpoint is finally assigned a value, so that we can combine this with the Google Click ID in a daily export and transfer it to Google Ads.

Google then takes our value + Google Klick ID and matches it with the existing information on the Google Klick ID.

Why does it make sense to use Adtriba Conversions for control?

Google stores a lot of information on each Google Click ID about the user when they click on an ad. All of this information is then used by Google in combination with Adtriba Conversions for the ideal control of ads. Through Adtriba Conversions, we dissolve the singular adwords rating and provide Google Ads' Smart Bidding Algorithm with the actual performance of the ad in a holistic view across all channels. This can then be used to reallocate budgets, keywords and campaigns according to the target set.

What do I need to do to set up the Adtriba Conversion Export?

You only need to create a conversion event with the name 'Adtriba Conversions' in Google Ads. After setting up the event in Google Ads, we will start the export after your approval.

How to create the conversion event is explained here:

What do I have to consider?

Google only accepts conversions that are not older than 90 days. With a mature CLV calculation and a longer lookback window, this time restriction can be reached quickly.

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