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TCF 2.0. Impression Pixel adjustment
TCF 2.0. Impression Pixel adjustment

Adjust your impression pixels to fulfill your publishers requirements regarding TCF 2.0.

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We are happy to be now part of the IAB global vendor list for operational TCF v2.0. By being part of the TCF v2.0 initiative clients can use our impression-pixel for publishers who only accept vendors which are certified for TCF v2.0. If your organization is working with a CMP or any publishers who only accept pixel from TCF v2.0 certificated vendors - we got you covered!

By using our new Impression Snippet Builder you can easily enhance your display impression pixels to fulfill your publisher requirements regarding TCF v2.0.

To create a TCF compliant impression pixel (for onsite pixel click here) please insert a value for the publisher and campaign and click the option: 'Yes, I need a TCF 2.0. compliant snippet'

By activating this option your impression pixel gets enhanced with a particular parameter-string: &gdpr=${GDPR}&gdpr_consent=${GDPR_CONSENT_827}"

This parameter will tell your publishers the TCF 2.0. compliance of Adtribas impression pixel.

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