Customer Journey Report v2.0

Adtribas Customer Journey reports helps you to understand how your most successful customer journeys look

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Our Customer Journey Report (CJR) will provide you with insights about how your users used your different marketing measures to finally convert.

Lets take a closer look to the report functionalities and methodology:

1) The CJR only visualizes converting customer journeys

2) The different types of touchpoints (Introducer, Influencer, Closer) are visualized by the dots in the lefthand upper corner. (blue=introducer, yellow=influencer, red=closer)

3) Once an influencer touchpoint appears more than once in a row within one sequence, the touchpoints are only visualized once but we show the according number of appearances in the yellow dot on the card.

4) If the number of different influencer touchpoints for one journey exceeds the limit of two touchpoints, the influencers are hidden. By clicking on 'expand touchpoints' you can see all the influencer touchpoints of this journey.

5) The touchpoint sequences are ordered descending after the amount of conversions which have been acquired via the sequence.

6) UMM touchpoints like TV are always followed by an organic touchpoint (direct, SEO, Paid Search Brand).

7) You can see the attributed % contribution of each touchpoint within the CJ sequence in the righthand lower corner.

8) Sequences can be shown based on channel, source and campaign granularity

9) The number of individual sequences can increase in dependency to the selected granularity. As the touchpoints per channel can be different based on source or campaign level.

The CJR can help you to answer questions like:

  • What's my most 'successful' combination of touchpoints in terms of #conversions?

  • Which touchpoint gets most of the credit in my most successful journeys?

  • How much credit do my upper (lower) funnel actions receive in successful CJs?

  • Is my channel-strategy paying off? Do my upper funnel measures appear in the upperfunnel of journeys and if yes, do they get credit?

  • In how many successful CJ does a special combination of touchpoints appear? -> e.g. Paid Search as influencer and direct as closer?

The CJR is the perfect tool to introduce your team to the concept of customer journey tracking and understanding the value of a datadriven attribution.

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