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How to connect your Google Ads account with Adtriba

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In most of the cases Adtriba uses Funnel to connect to various datascources to get information such as costs and impressions.

One of our serviced datasource is Google Ads. The connection between Google Ads and Adtriba is crucial to:

  • Pull in costs from Google Ads and assign it to the respecting campaigns

  • 'Translation' of gclID into clear campaign names

If we receive a gclID, which we can not match to any connected Goolge Ads account, the touchpoint will be assigned straight to Direct. Hence it's very important that you keep track about your Google Ads accounts and if they are all connected with Adtriba.


  1. Log into Adtribas interface

  2. Go to "Integrations" section of your dashboard and click on the Google Ads logo.

3. Follow the Google Login Flow - It's the most sustainable if you use an emailadress which is not assigned to one specific person and gets deactivated once a person is leaving the company. If you are leaving the company and the ads account needs to be connected again, please reach out to

4.Select the necessary Google Ads accounts and Subaccounts from the list.

--> Even if you have access to several accounts through an MCC - you only need to select the accounts which are necessary and needed for Adtriba in the tracking context.


To some extent during the integration, a little tab similar to this one will pop up:

And a text asking you if you trust Adtriba. Please click the blue dot checkbox!

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