The connection between your Google Ads accounts and Adtriba is a crucial part of the integration process. As we need this integration to:

1) translate the google-click IDs into clear campaign names

2) pulling in the costs from Google Ads on campaign level

3) Export conversion data to Google Ads

If we would receive google click Ids we can't match to any integrated Google Ads account, we would assign this traffic and the respective conversions to the direct channel.

If the email-account which was used for the connection itself is outdated as the user is no longer part of the company the connection between Google Ads and Adtriba starts to fail as well as the exports to Google Ads.

In this case we always recommend to remove the connection between Adtriba and the respecting account completely and to redo the integration.

To do so you would need to visit the following page:

On this page you'll see all the accounts which are connected to your (google Ads) account.

Please do remove the Adtriba connection from this list. Once this is done you can restart the integration process to make the connection between your Google Ads accounts and Adtriba work again.

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