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Campaign Performance Reporting in Adtriba
Campaign Performance Reporting in Adtriba

How to use Adtriba for your monitoring your campaign performance to plan ahead for your next campaign

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Lets assume the following situation:

Your organisation is running a big campaign like Spring/Summer 2020. The campaign will run in several channels and. within several Ad-campaigns.

All of your Ad-campaign parameters will include the string 'springsummer2020' no matter in what channel the campaign is running.

How to analyze the campaign Performance

In our performance report you can filter after a specific campaign name or string like springsummer2020 and it'll filter the whole dashboard.

What you will see now is the performance of all springsummer2020 Ad-campaigns using a datadriven attribution.

Hence you can not only see the performance of a single Ad-campaign in a holistic cross channel context but the performance of all campaign touchpoints no matter on what position they've been in customer journeys. Thus you will see what channel was the most effective when it comes to advertise your campaign, cross channel.

How to use this information?

When it comes to operationalization of the campaign performance you'll have several options here:

1) In-campaign optimization. Depending on how log your campaign is running, you can use the attributed performance KPIs such as ROAS or CPA for your Ad-campaign management and budget shifts during the campaign runtime. Please mind your lookback window, as an ad campaign may needs some time to develop and find its way into several customer journeys before it can be reviewed in terms of performance. Normally 2 weeks are enough time for starting the performance review.

2) Proof your strategy of your Ad-campaigns. When advertising a large campaign, you may want to split your ad-campaigns into different phases such as:



Lower Funnel

By using the attributed KPIs you can assess if the ad-campaigns have been effective along their strategy. You can always use the customer journey report to proof hypothesis and positions of specisif ad-campaigns in customer journeys.

3) With all the information collected by the steps 1+2 you have now a way better understanding on what channel brought you the most campaign conversions or had the best ROAS. You can use this knowledge to plan similar campaigns and their budget based on the campaign analysis in Adtriba to maximize the outcome and to optimize your spendings.

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