In Adtribas performance report provides several filter to assess only the data and results you really need in that moment.

Dashboard Filter

  • Filters are connected with an AND condition

  • Filters are applied on all dashboard widgets

  • Filters can be multiselect (comma-seperated)

Date Filter

You can either filter your dashboard after a specific predefined period, you can choose from the drop down options or you can define a custom daterange.

to define a custom daterange please select 'custom daterange' from the 'period' dropdown and enter a start- and end-date on the right.

If you do not select custom daterange and only enters a start- and end-date the dashboard will be filtered by the predefined period stated in the Period input field.

Channel, Source, Campaign Filter

For us it was very important to give you the opportunity to search after specific or multiple channels, sources or campaigns and their performance at once.

Hence we implemented single OR multiselect filters.

To filter after a single item, just type in the string you want to look up and click on the button below.

For filtering the dashboard after several items (like campaigns) you can insert all items comma separated. It'll even work with partial strings, no need to type in the full campaign name.

All report filter are connected with an AND condition.

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