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Performance Report - Core takeaways
Performance Report - Core takeaways

Let's have a look on the core takeaways you can get from using the performance export

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KPI widgets

  • How's my ROAS / CPA by channel / source / campaign or over all

  • What is the change from this period to the former period?
    (lets say you chosed full august the comparison will be made with full july)

  • How did my summer2019 campaign perform across all measures in all channels?

Performance Table

  • How does my channels and campaigns perform using a datadriven attribution

  • How's my ROAS / CPA by channel / source / campaign or over all

  • What's the difference between the datadriven attribution results and last click results per channel / source / campaign

  • Which channel / source / campaign was most effective in my cross-channel campaign (e.g. summer2019)

  • Which measure is not profitable?

  • Where should I shift my budget?


  • Is a certain activity or channel maxed out / completely saturated?

  • How's my ROAS reacting for a specific campaign when the spend is increased?

  • How does my ROAS change overtime

  • Hows the ratio changing between ROAS and spend once budget shifts are applied or any changes were made.


  • Which channel / source/ campaign profits the most from a CLV point of view?

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