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How to import your UMM CSVs into Funnel
How to import your UMM CSVs into Funnel
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For any of our UMM Features we do need your data in a specific and uttermost important steady format. To make the data provision easier for you and us we prefer the data provision via funnel.

Please follow the steps below to upload your data into funnel:

1) Create one csv for each of your activities you want to be modeled via UMM

2) Follow the header format:

date, {{marketing}}_reach, {{marketing}}_spend


3) Go to Funnel

4) Go to the list of Data sources and start adding a new data source by clicking on "+ Data Sources". In the very bottom of the list of data sources, there is a button that says "File Import". You can also find it by searching for "file" or "csv".

Follow these steps in the app to complete the import:

Data source name

Give your source a name. This is how you can identify your source later in the data sources list.

Configure fields

Upload a CSV file with the columns and format that you intend to use for this source. See the file requirements in the section below.

Import new files

You can always go to the source and import new files. Do to Data Sources, find the source in the list, and press Actions > Upload File.

New files must have the same columns as the first file.

Overwriting data

Your imported data is attributed to a given date per row. When you upload new files with dates that overlap data you have previously imported, those dates will be cleared and overwritten entirely.

This is useful when you need to to correct or update data.

If you need to clear previously imported data for a given date entirely, you can upload a new file with a row containing that date but without any data.

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