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How to invite your colleagues and attach roles

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You can find the Adtriba user-management via the core icon in the top left corner > manage account button

Once you clicked on 'manage accounts' a new tab will open and you will be directed to

Please select your account on this page and select the right product by clicking on the right icon

Once you clicked on the right product your team will show up (current invited users or users who already accepted the invite and registered). BY scrolling down to the bottom of the list you can click on the big + button to invite new users and apply roles (please take a look at the bottom of the article to read more about the different roles and rules) to them.

To change user roles or delete users completely from your team, please click on the three stacked dots in the bottom right corner of each user tile.


can access to project settings

can invite new users

can change status / role of users

can remove user from account

can integrate / change connections

can change the channel mapping

can change the spend mapping

can create display impression tags

can open reports


can change the channel mapping

can create display impression tags

can open reports


can open reports

Roles can be set when sending an invitation or at any time once a user accepted his invitation.

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