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Integration of Google Analytics data in Adtriba Core
Integration of Google Analytics data in Adtriba Core
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Google Analytics data is fully supported at Adtriba Core as an alternative to the pixel tracking setup. We support both Universal Analytics (GA360) and GA4.

Set up

  1. Adtriba will provide you with a service account, i.e. an email with the format

  2. The service account must be granted BigQuery.Viewer access to the dataset containing the GA data. In this google documentation you can find instructions on how to set this up.

  3. We then require basic information from you to be able to fetch the data:

    1. Google Cloud Project ID where the BigQuery dataset is located

    2. BigQuery Dataset Name

    3. BigQuery Dataset Table Name

    4. BigQuery Dataset Region


Besides the basic information that we require to access the data, during the integration process we will also need to know the answer of the following questions:

  1. How do you identify the market and brand? Do you use a custom dimension, domain, or different datasets?

  2. Do you track your conversions as e-commerce transaction events in Google Analytics and are these the only conversions we should consider for the attribution?

  3. If the previous answer is NO, then what goals should be used as conversion in Adtriba? And how is it defined (event names, URL)?

  4. In what custom dimension (Name + Index) is your user ID available?

  5. Are there any filters that are applied to your Google Analytics data and should be applied to the raw data as well? If YES please describe the filter pattern for the different filters used.

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