To get the Facebook conversion upload up and running some adjustments to our conversion tracking snippet. In this adjustments you will get data from the facebook cookies and write it into the additional fields. By doing this you'll pass the information what Facebook user was generating the conversion to us. Based on this information we can then upload fractional conversions back to Facebook using the Adtriba attributed conversions and Facebook cookie-IDs.

As this process is not officially supported by Facebook- the implementation is maybe about to change in the future once it's possible to push conversions back based on the Facebook click ID.


If you want to use the Facebook conversion upload please use the following conversion tracking snippet instead of the basic one:

Conversion Tracking with Custom Data:

<script type="text/javascript">
window.adtriba = window.adtriba || [];
window.adtriba.push(["conversion", "Transaction", {
id: "ABCDE123456",
revenue: "49.99",
currency: "EUR",
custom: {

For what cases are the FBC & FBP cookie used and where can I find them?


Identity Tracking

In any identity cases the use of a SHA256 decoding is recommended. Furthermore it's mandatory to implement the Adtriba identity tracking. For this tracking you need to make sure that the format (e.g. hash (lower(identity))- remains the same, always. The ID is than used as ExternalID for the Facebook conversion upload.

Once the e-mail address is used as identifier it's recommended to use the SHA256 hash process using a lower-case conversion before the hash is generated. The e-mail address can be used as additional parameter ("em") in the Facebook conversion uploads. This can help on increasing the matching of uploads.


References regarding the Facebook conversion API:

Reference why the use of SHA256 is recommended:

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