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How to enable the Facebook Conversion Upload for attributed conversions

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To get the Facebook conversion upload up the use of Facebooks Click ID as tracking parameter is mandatory.

Please follow the steps below to provide Adtriba with the necessary information to push attributed (fractional) conversions back to your facebook business manager.

STEP I - Facebook Click ID

Make sure the facebook click-Id is transmitted after each click of an ad

STEP II - Adtriba UI

Go to the Adtriba UI and go to 'integrations' and click 'facebook'

You will then be asked to enter:

a) Access Token

b) Pixel ID

STEP III - Pixel ID & Access token

Pixel ID

Adtriba must be provided with your Pixel ID to use the Conversions API. If you’ve already set up a Pixel for your website, we recommend that you use the same Pixel ID for the Adtriba Facebook export.

Access Token

To use the Conversions API, you need an access token. There are two ways of getting your access token:

Via Events Manager (Recommended)

To use the Conversions API, you need to generate an access token, which is passed as a parameter in each API call. Inside Events Manager, follow these steps:

Step 1 - Choose the Pixel you want to implement.

Step 2 - Select the Settings tab.

Step 3. Find the Conversions API section and click on the Generate access token link under Set up manually, and follow the instructions pop-up:

Note: The Generate access token link is only visible to users with developer privileges for the business. The link is hidden from other users.

Once you have your token, click on the Manage Integrations button in the Overview tab in Events Manager. In the pop-up screen, click the Manage button next to Conversions API. This will automatically create a Conversions API app and Conversions API system user for you. There is no need to go through App Review or request any permissions.

Using Your Own App

If you already have your own app and your own system user, you can generate your token inside Business Manager. To do that:

Step 1 - Go to your Business' Settings.

Step 2 - Assign a Pixel to your system user (you also have an option to create a new system user at this stage).

Step 3 - Select the assigned system user and click Generate Token.

Your app does not need to go through App Review. You do not need to request any permissions.

STEP IV - Activation

Please reach out to support@adtriba.com to get the conversion upload up and running.

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