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Connect your Ad Platforms in Funnel
Connect your Ad Platforms in Funnel
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Please have a look at the following resource of

The process of connecting a data source can be different depending on the data source. If you are using a data source that is not in the portfolio of Funnel currently you can request a custom data source without any additional costs attached.

Upload your TV Media Plans in Funnel

The best way to upload your TV media and spend in Funnel is using a Google Spreadsheet as the data source. Please follow this link to get to know how to set up a Google Spreadsheet as a data source in Funnel:

To make SPHERE work with your TV data we’d recommend uploading a history of at least 1 year. The columns and values included in the spreadsheets are:

date (YYYY-MM-dd)

tv_reach (874673)

tv_spend (7464658)

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