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Set up Adtriba Sphere Brand Dimension
Set up Adtriba Sphere Brand Dimension
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Results of Adtriba SPHERE are always provided per project. A project in SPHERE is always a combination of Domain (Brand) and Country. Hence it’s crucial for SPHERE to understand what data sources do apply to what brand or domain of yours.

Gladly Funnel offers Data Dimensions where you can define what patterns or identifiers can be used in your data sources to distinguish between your different organizations or brands.

If you only operate on a global brand you just need to set up one global rule and set the value to Adtriba Sphere Country to ‘your brand name’. A default Dimension is provided for you in your account already, free for you to be edited to your needs and use case.

The rule should look (for a distinction between 2 different brands / organizations of yours) like this in the end:

In this example, the distinction between your brands can happen based on the Data Source names. If the brand-identifier is hidden in another level you can choose freely as per creating a data source specific rule.

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