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Set up Adtriba Sphere Country Dimension
Set up Adtriba Sphere Country Dimension
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Results of Adtriba SPHERE are always provided per project. A project in SPHERE is always a combination of Domain (Brand) and Country. Hence it’s crucial for SPHERE to understand what data apply to which country of yours.

It's mandatory to have this dimension even if you only operate in one country.

In this case please put in a general rule applying to all data and set it to the ISO- 2 Letter countrycode.


Gladly, using Funnels Custom Dimensions we can set up a data transformation that will always tell us to which country your advertising data belongs. You should find the Adtriba Sphere Source Dimension in your Dimension List already. The current definition is a default setup and can be customized to your specific needs:

  • Click on the button below the rules window called '+New rule'. With this button, we create a rule which applies to all connections and not only for specific ad platforms.

  • Select 'Set the value of Adtriba Sphere Country to...'

The input variable (currently Data Source) depends now on the variable where your country information is available for your different platforms. For this case, your data source name should carry the country information - e.g. Adwords DE or Facebook Austria.

The rule should basically group all data sources (and their campaigns) by country even though different naming are used for the same country.

The output value (grouping value) needs to be a 2-character-iso-country-code in the English naming convention - e.g. DE, UK, IT.

For all other data please choose the first option: 'Adtriba Sphere country will be set to (no value)'


If there is no general input variable you can use for the grouping (general input variable = applies for all data sources) because the country information is not always in the data source name for all platforms, you should apply the rules for each data source / platform individually. Using the yellow framed buttons instead of the 'New rule' button below:

EXAMPLE - Country Grouping for Adwords

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