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Set up Adtriba Sphere Source Dimension
Set up Adtriba Sphere Source Dimension
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Why to set up Adtriba Sphere Source Dimension?

Our model needs to understand your different marketing strategies especially brand vs. non-brand and retargeting vs. prospecting or upper- vs. lower-funnel to calculate the effects.

The differentiation between the strategies can be done in Funnel using Dimensions which will be based on your naming convention within your respecting data source.

Please have a look at the example below to understand a common rule set for Google Ads:

In the example above the differentiation of the strategies can be done based on the Campaign Type or the data source name. For other platforms this might be different as the example below states:

Please note:

  1. Choose either retargeting and prospecting as a strategy naming convention OR lower- and upper-funnel. Please don't mix the strategy names from source to source or within a source.

  2. Avoid (no value). It is necessary to use the data source type name as a fallback for the cases where your own rules are not resolved. An example can be seen below:

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