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1.1. Baseline & Incrementality Chart

This chart shows basically how your total number of conversions can be split into incremental and baseline conversions. Whereas the blue line shows the total number of baseline conversions, the purple line shows the total number of conversions. The number of incremental conversions is the distance between both lines.

Based on this chart you can see the influence of certain seasonalities on your baseline and incremental conversions. Especially an increase in baseline conversions indicates an increase in demand for your product(s) during a special period.

If the incremental conversions do not follow accordingly you should consider increasing your marketing during this period to feed into the increase of natural demand. You can use the chart for your budget planning and the distribution of your budget.

1.2. Performance Table + Bar Chart

The Performance table will give you insights into the performance of your sources based on our holistic modeling.

Conversions and revenue results follow a fractional distribution after effectiveness across the whole media mix. The CPA will show you how efficient a source is working for you in terms of costs per conversion (formula see here). In extension to the regular CPA we do provide a marginal CPA. The marginal CPA indicates how expensive your next conversions can probably get.

Hence a high marginal CPA indicates a high saturation in your source and by increasing spend on this source you can’t expect a more efficient result for this source. In fact, we would recommend using the marginal CPA as a budget allocation indicator. You should reduce spend in those sources where a high saturation is increasing the marginal CPA and shift the spend to sources where the marginal CPA is rather low in comparison to your overall source performance.

For the results shown in the table below that would result in reducing spend from 'awin' to shift it to 'adwordsdisplay' for example.

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