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In the media planner, you can set up your planned budget distribution for each source for a defined period of time. The defined budgets are understood as constraints for the model in the backend.

Please note:

You cannot plan further than 30 days in the future. As forecasting will get unpredictable the more you go into the future.

Based on the media plan input you can run a scenario. The result of this scenario is the recommended distribution of your budget by source for the given time period and an estimated outcome of conversions and CPA under your defined spend.

Media plan constraints

Please note that scenario calculations can fail if you go totally overboard with your constraints as the model never saw a behavior like this in the past and will have a hard time calculating valid results for you. You can set budget constraints (upper tiers) for each of your sources. And of course, you can decide whether a source should be considered for the recommended scenario or rather not as the source needs to have a steady budget anyways. If you don't want to type in the budgets on source level you can always just enter a maximum spend under restrictions and leave the source budgets blanc. Thus the algorithm is only taking you maximum spend as defined spend (maximize Conversion or revenue strategy is mandatory to do this).

Exclusion of sources

When a source is excluded in the media plan, this particular source will be considered with a value (budget) of 0 for the optimized Scenario.


As we always want to return results that matter to you and your overall targets you have the opportunity to define spend and conversion restrictions in case you need to spend a certain amount of budget in the given period or you can’t go under a certain level of conversions even though you can save budget.

In respect to what we said above: ‘ We want to show you recommendations that matter to you’ an optimization strategy can be defined on top of the media plan. By setting a strategy we’ll choose from two different models which will be triggered in the backend. The model either optimizes your spend against a maximize conversion target under a given spend or it will optimize against your spend by decreasing it.

The selected strategy will determine the restrictions you can choose at the bottom of the media plan:

  • Maximize revenue or conversions = spend restrictions are possible to set

  • Decrease spend = Minimum conversion restriction is possible to set

Please note:

The calculation of one media plan scenario can take up to several minutes and you can only run the media plan 5 times a day max.

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