Adtriba SPHERE Glossary
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Baseline Conversions

Not marketing influenced conversions via direct, organic, paid search brand.
If your marketing measures would stop for a short term period this is the number of conversions that will come in anyways.


= Total spend / Total number of conversions


Attributed conversions across all sources

Incremental Conversions

The total number of marketing influenced conversions.

Historic Scenario

The marketing performance based on the last 30 days spend history.

Incremental CPA

Spend / conversions per source or in a total of all paid sources and their attributed conversions.

Marginal CPA (Grenzkostenbetrachtung)

= Delta spend / Delta conversions

Indicates saturation of a source - the marginal CPA shows the price for your next conversion under the given / historic spend. Hence based on this metric you can see where in what source your next conversion would be the cheapest.

Media Plan

The media plan will allow you to build a scenario based on a budget allocation across your sources under certain strategy targets and restrictions. Based on the media plan input Adtriba SPHERE will give you recommendations on how to spend the planned budget best for the given time period.

Optimization Strategy

Based on your selected optimization strategy in your media plan, we are going to choose the right model to calculate your recommended spend scenario.

Optimization Strategy - Maximize conversions / ROAS

In this strategy, we'll choose a model for the recommended scenario which will try to get as many conversions / revenue for the given spend.

Optimization Strategy - Minimize spend

In this strategy, we'll choose a model which will try to lower your spend as much as possible but still operate on your minimum conversion restrictions.

Recommended Scenario

The recommended scenario is based on your historic spend. It tells you what could have been if you would have spent your budget the way we recommend.

Please note:

The recommended scenario looks backward, in the past. If you want to get a recommended scenario for the upcoming 4 weeks (max) you can use the media planner.


The revenue is pulled from Google Analytics.


You can select different restrictions in your media plan to give the different models fitting rail guards to operate with. Fitting restrictions will prevent the model to go overboard with its recommendation - especially when you want to minimize spend.

Saturation Curve

The saturation curve will visualize how your KPIs would have changed in the last 30 days when the days would have been changed (increased / decreased).


Source name coming from funnel using the dimension Adtriba Macro Source.


Spend coming from your ad platform connections which are connected with funnel.

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