Historic data
As SPHERE is working on aggregated date we need a lot of it to get significant and reliable results in your reporting. Hence we'd recommend SPHERE to companies who can provide a history of at least 2 years data in Google Analytics.

Ad Platforms

To really make sure that SPHERE is of any use for you, you should operate on at least 3 different paid marketing sources, such as Google shopping, Google brand, Google nonbrand, Facebook retargeting, Facebook prospecting, Display retargeting aso.

General requirements

You should be abled to set up the needed dimensions Adtriba Macro brand, country, source in funnel.io.

Your spend should be at least 50€ per day for each of your sources you want to integrate into Adtriba Sphere.

The person who is going to work with Sphere should be familiar with attribution and your different Marketing departments and how they spend + plan their budget.

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