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How to provide your historic TV data in Funnel
How to provide your historic TV data in Funnel
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The provision of your historic TV spend and reach is a crucial step to get reliable results for your reports in SPHERE.

Hence we do recommend to provide us at least 2 years of your TV history in so we can use them for SPHERE.

How to make the historic data available in

1) Get yourself a Google spreadsheet set up and connect it to Please use the following columns / format:

date (YYYY-MM-DD)

spend (number) 3948500

reach (number) 4854738

Please note:

If the data is not presented in the format as stated above we are not able to model it in SPHERE.

2) The naming convention of the spreadsheet title should cover the country and brand the TV commercial ran in as well as the data range which is covered in this file.

For example, you want to set up a historic TV data spreadsheet for your brand 'mybrand' and the country 'DE' for the period from 1st of December 2019 to 1st of April 2021 - the spreadsheet would be best named:


Based on this naming convention of your historic TV data source you can cover TV easily in the mandatory funnel dimensions:

  • Adtriba UMM Brand and

  • Adtriba UMM Country.

Both of them are needed to differentiate between your different brands and countries in SPHERE.

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