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How to validate your tracking in Adtriba Core
How to validate your tracking in Adtriba Core
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A crucial step for progressing in your integration journey is the first data validation based on Adtriba Cores tracking report. The validation is based on the comparison

of pageviews and conversions we receive based on your pixel integration with your web analytics tool.

Basic validation step by step:

1) Open the tracking report in Adtriba Core and select a period.

Please note:

The time period should include the first full day where data was collected, this is usually the day after the pixel were integrated. The end date of your period should mark yesterday latest.

2) Open your web analytics tool and go to the report where you can see the number of pageviews by day and choose the exact same period as you did in 1) .

3) Compare the number of pageviews per day between Adtriba Core and your web analytics tool. A difference of up to 5% between both systems is normal and can be tolerated.

After your comparison of pageviews, you can move on with the comparison of the conversions in the same fashion as described above.

Please note:

In the list of conversion-IDs it can happen that you will find duplicated conversion-IDs. This is totally normal and once we start to run your attribution your conversions will be deduplicated for the modeling.

Enhanced validation of Impressions

If you are using our display impression snippets it can be beneficial for you to do a quick validation of the incoming impressions as well.

To do so please select a date and open your 3rd party Ad-platform where you can see the total number of impressions for your campaigns / account.

Then compare the number of impressions with the sum of impressions in Adtribas tracking report.

Please note:

You need to select the right time period, if you operate in different timezones, please make sure that the reports and date periods are suitable for comparison. Adtriba Core always reports based on german time (CEST resp. MESZ).

Enhanced validation of eCommerce events

To validate the eCommerce events: product added, product searched and product detail you'd need to have those events set up in your web analytics tool as well.

If this is the case please open the event report in your web analytics tool and compare the number of events by day with the numbers stated in Adtriba Core tracking report.


If your validation was successfully completed please go to your integration journey and mark the respecting task as done or give your integration manager a heads up. The support team will set you up with your attributed reports right away and notify you once it's done.

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