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How to do the final validation of your tracking using last click attribution
How to do the final validation of your tracking using last click attribution
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The last and final step of trusting our tracking and customer journey report is the so called last click validation of your channels.

You should have finished the channel mapping before doing this validation, to be sure you do not compare apple with pears.

How to validate step by step

1) Go to Adtribas Performance report and the Last click validation table at the very bottom of the report.

2) This table will show you how we would attribute the conversions we tracked using an absolute last click model.

3) Open your Google Analytics and go to

Conversions > Multi channel funnel > model comparison

In this report you should select the model: 'Last interaction'

Please note:

To compare the correct number base, please select ONLY 'Transaction' as conversion type.

4) Compare the attributed conversions per channel for both reports.

Ideally the Numbers are very close to each other as we assume now, that both tools are nearly collecting the same data and use the exact same model to attribute the conversions. Hence there shouldn't be much of a difference between the two tools when looking at absolute last click.

Why can't I compare the conversions with my standard Google Analytics Reports?

The default attribution model which is used in ALL standard Google Analytics reports is LAST CLICK NON DIRECT - which means that direct will be ignored if there is a marketing touchpoint beforehand. If you would compare based on this model we are talking apple and pears again as we are using different models to validate the tracking. Bottom line - Please ONLY use the ABSOLUTE LAST CLICK for comparison.

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