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JUN 1 2022

  • CORE - Customer Journey Report

    Tool tip on CJ length filter to show exact number of touchpoints to filter

  • CORE - Insights

    Added report name to insights overview

  • CORE - Data Health Warning emails

    Set up warning mails reg. data health issues like (first internal use only) :
    Google Ads Spend is not updated

    Conversions are dropping
    Revenue is dropping
    Data history is missing

    Data in Dashboard is missing

  • CORE - Facebook Conversion Export

    Now enabled for GA360 Clients as standard as well

APRIL 6 2022

  • CORE - Channel mapper Preview

    With the new Preview function you can instantly check weather your rules work as expected or need some more love.

  • SPHERE - Multiple reports

    You can now model more than one report in Sphere for example Store Sales and digital sales or even visits.

MARCH 9 2022

  • SPHERE - Expandable baseline grouping

  • CORE - Migration to new Google Ads API - Supporting Performance Max Campaigns

  • CORE - Release new & returning customer segment on performance report

February 9 2022

  • SPHERE - Improvement of Legend wrapping in custom Mediaplans

  • CORE - Allow selfservice Facebook Pixel & account token integration

January 26 2022

  • SPHERE - Visualisation of actual avg. daily spend on saturation curve diagramm

  • CORE & SPHERE - Support Chinese Yuan currency

  • CORE - Improvement of Spend Mapper Campaigns (show up to 100 per page)

  • CORE - Show longer campaign names on mouse-over for cards in Customer Journey report in UI

January 12 2022

1.) DatePicker month presets

  • 'This month' - defines the time frame from the first until the current date of the month

  • 'Last month' - defines the time frame from the first until the last day of the previous month

  • 'January', 'February', 'March' etc.

2.) DatePicker usability enhancements

  • If end date is in past, then swap the start & end dates

  • Remove sibling months start & end dates from month

  • Add free text input field

  • Integrate with Sphere

  • Integrate with Core

  • Deploy to pro

3.) Allow pure owners to invite team members

If a user is only an account owner, but not yet a member of an account/product combination there is no possibility to add members.

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