How to keep Sphere reliable

Get to know on how to ensure a high data quality in your Sphere reports

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If you add a new datasource or datasource type please take a look if all Sphere related metrics and dimensions are up to date and apply to the new source:

  • Adtriba Sphere Brand

For what brand is the new datasource related to? If you only have one brand you don’t need to do anything.

  • Adtriba Sphere country

Does the new datasource holds data from several countries? Or just one country? Please set the right country (2-digit code) by setting a custom rule in the dimension for the datasource based on either a column in the file itself or by setting a fixed value if the file only holds data from one country.

  • Adtriba Sphere Source

What kind of Marketing is the source about? First of all set a fitting name for the datasource - this will be the name the source appears in the UI. If the datasource can be distinguished between retargeting and prospecting please do so based on the information provided in the datasource - for example campaign name or targeting aso. It is good practice to make the name reflect the source and the tactic. E.g. adwords-nonbrand. Don’t split too granularly here (e.g. campaign level).

  • Impressions

A datasource needs to have impressions available - sometimes especially for custom datasources like google sheet you need to define the right column in the sheet to make impressions available.

  • Costs

A datasource needs to have costs available (as long as it isn’t organic) - sometimes especially for custom datasources like google sheet you need to define the right column in the sheet to make the right costs available. You can even define custom calculations like impressions*fixed costs

  • Adtriba Sphere network attributed conversions

Our model gets more reliable with information from the ad platform and the conversions which are self attributed / tracked from the platform itself. This works like a natural input factor and can increase reliability. To benefit from this please define the right conversions in the metric for the respective datasource.

What kind of datasources can be onboarded on Sphere ?

  • Minimum of 20 days of history with that datasource active

  • ≥ 3-5% of overall project ad spend

What kind of datasources shouldn’t be onboarded on Sphere ?

  • one-off advertising (e.g. sponsorings)

  • limited regional scope advertising (sphere works on a national level)

  • reduced time scope - see above

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