Integration of AppsFlyer & Adtriba
Written by Antonio Ferreras
Updated over a week ago

Adtriba is an analytical platform. Therefore, it allows the import of data from different providers. In this article we will explain the brief and simple integration of the AppsFlyer platform with adtriba. This integration allows to import data from applications, which are not possible to track with a common tracking system, such as a pixel.

How to make the connection

To integrate Adtriba with AppsFlyer, follow this steps:

  1. Open AppsFlyer Dashboard

  2. On the left-handed options Menu, click under Configuration-> Integrated Partners

  3. Select Adtriba

  4. Start the Configuration process

You will need to know the Adtriba project ID (as you can see in the screenshot) to make a proper setup, and Adtriba can receive your data.

As last significant point to comment:

You will need to select and configure which AppsFlyer event you want to export into Adtriba with the following board.

Before finishing, don’t forget to click on the blue button ‘Save integration’.

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