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Set Up Adtriba Sphere Organic Dimension
Set Up Adtriba Sphere Organic Dimension
Written by Sarah O’Mahoney
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Understanding the "Is Organic" Indicator Column in Your Data

The "Is Organic" indicator column plays an important role in categorizing the sources of traffic within your dataset. This short article will guide you through what this indicator means, how it's used, and some important considerations to bear in mind.

What Does "Is Organic" Indicate?

The "Is Organic" indicator column reveals whether a particular row in your data counts as coming from an organic source. Organic sources include direct traffic and organic searches, i.e., non-paid visits originating from search engines. This indicator is used to derive the level 1 target columns.


  • Using the Indicator for Level 1 Target Columns: This indicator is used to derive the level 1 target columns in your dataset.

  • Number of Unique Sources: It is advisable to limit the unique sources marked with "is organic" == True to 3-4.

  • Client's Needs for More Organic Sources: If there is a requirement to include more than the recommended number of organic sources, consult with the Data Science (DS) team. They will assess the situation and provide guidance tailored to your specific needs.

If you have any further questions or need assistance with implementing the "Is Organic" indicator in your data, please reach out to our support team.

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