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Set Up Adtriba Sphere Visits (Metric)
Set Up Adtriba Sphere Visits (Metric)
Written by Sarah O’Mahoney
Updated over a week ago

Adtriba Sphere Visits is a critical metric that quantifies the number of visits to a client's website. It plays a key role in understanding user engagement, conversion paths, and overall website performance. This short article will guide you through what this metric entails and the set up, including for clients using Google Analytics (GA).

Understanding Adtriba Sphere Visits

This metric is used to measure the number of visits to a client's website. For clients using Google Analytics (GA), it is common practice to set this metric to the "Sessions" field in Google Analytics.


  • Setting the Metric for GA Clients: For clients using GA, Adtriba Sphere Visits can simply be aligned with the "Sessions" field in Google Analytics. This alignment provides a standardized approach to quantifying website visits.

  • Handling Multiple Conversion Types: If there are multiple conversion types present in the data, the Adtriba Sphere Visits metric needs to resolve to the sum of all visits. This ensures that all types of conversions are accounted for in the total visit count.

If you have further questions or need assistance with setting up Adtriba Sphere Visits, please reach out to our support team.

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