Understanding Sphere charts
Written by Antonio Ferreras
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We have launched two charts on the Sphere Main Page that will allow you to quickly spot over- and underperforming sources.

For example, if TV accounts for 2000 Conversions, and all paid media sources get 4000 conversions attributed, this will be a contribution share of 50%. Now if TV accounts for EUR 500k out of a budget of EUR 750k, that is a spend share of roughly 66%. TV thus has a lower share of contribution than share of spend and we could consider it an “underperformer” or at least investigate further why this is the case - and if we can tolerate this.

The left chart uses a grouped vertical bar chart (spend share, conversion share and revenue share by channel) in order to visualize this information. The right chart uses a bubble chart, with one bubble per paid media source, where the size of the bubble is determined by the ROAS or CPA (depending on your selection in the top navigation bar). The diagonal line is where the contribution share equals the spend share, so everything above the diagonal is “overperforming” whereas everything below is “underperforming”.

We have also released a more granular overview of your individual source KPIs over time. Now you can visualize attributed conversions, attributed revenue and spend for all your sources over time. Here, you can choose between different aggregation levels (daily, weekly, monthly and yearly) depending on whether you want to zoom in or out.

If you have questions or feedback please let us know and contact us at support@adtriba.com.

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