We totally get that you might want to use the Adtriba results in your common reporting solution, hence you can combine different datasources and edit your existing reports easy and fast.

We offer all clients the possibility to get our daily Customer Journey export, which will include all important dimensions and metrics. The export is provided on a daily base on a redshift / AWS server.

By connecting our server and the CJ data tables with your excel via the external data connection you can make sure that it's provided to everyone who will prepare reports in your company.

But unfortunately the set up of the connection is not trivial and requires the installation of a specific driver to access our AWS server via excel.

In the best case you can involve your IT / tech team for the onboarding process.

The following guides will help you to install and use the required AWS drivers:

For Windows

For MacOX

For Linux

If you have any problems to install the driver on mac initially you need to adapt your privacy settings once: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT202491

Please note that the connection to datastudio is faster and does not require any help of your IT - read here how to access the raw data via datastudio.

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