We totally understand that you might want to use the Adtriba results in your common reporting solution, hence you can combine different datasources and edit your existing reports easy and fast. By adding the Adtriba data youcan make sure that it's provided to everyone who will prepare reports.

We offer all clients the possibility to get our daily Rawdata export, which will include all important dimensions and metrics. The export is provided via a postgreSQL Database.

Step 1 

If your Export is not active yet, please let us know that you want us to start exporting your data.

Step 2

Once we set up the export we'll give you the credentials to our server and your folder where your exports will be provided on a daily base from now on.

Step 3

Sign in to Data Studio.

Step 4 

Click 'add new datasoruce'

Step 5

Then select Data Source and select the PostgreSQL connector

Step 6

Configure access to our database using our credentials and the BASIC connection option

  1. Click AUTHENTICATE You will see a list of tables in that database
  2. Select a table
  3. Click CONNECT.

Step 7

As Datastudio is not able to detect schemas or dates automatically you can't just use the 'table' configuration. In order to make the configuration work you would need to select custom query and insert the following query:

select "id", "source", "medium", "campaign", "channel", "attributed_credits", "basket_value", "conversion_ts"::date as date from report_{{YOUR SCHEMA}}.customer_journey

The report_ID.customer_journey is provided from us in your initial credential set as 'schema'.

Each field you want to use from the customer journey or performance report needs to be included in your query. Please have a look here to see what fields are provided in the export.

When your query is ready click connect.

If you are not using Google Datastudio:
Whenever your solution (Tableau, Power Bi, aso.) can be connected to PostgreSQL databases Step 1 and 2 will be exactly the same. 

Click here to see how to use the customer journey export in excel.

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