With the new platform we can offer all customers the opportunity to embed and use one Datastudio dashboard per project in Adtribas interface. This feature comes in handy if you want to use extended reporting features such as:

  • Extended report filters

  • Different visualizations and data widgets

  • Calculation of custom metrics

  • Renaming of metrics

  • Join of Adtriba and your CRM Data

  • Using your CI in Adtriba


1) Create a Datastudio dashboard using Adtribas rawdata exports. You don't know how? Take a look at our respecting helpcenterarticle.

2) Give all your colleagues who should be allowed to see and use the Datastudio report in Adtriba at least 'View-rights'

3) Go to the the 'Share' function and choose 'Report embedding' and copy the embedding URL

4) Send the URL to support@adtriba.com. We'll take care of embedding your dashboard in the Adtriba interface.

Please note: Only the users who are allowed to see the dashboard in Datastudio will be allowed to see the dashboard in the Adtriba interface. The emailaddresses used in Adtriba needs to be the same as the one which is shared in Datastudio.

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