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Adtriba's TV Tracking Feature
Adtriba's TV Tracking Feature

In this article we'll explain how Adtriba's TV Tracking feature works

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What exactly is the Adtriba TV Tracking feature?

In contrast to other TV tracking solutions, TV measures at Adtriba can be included in the holistic evaluation of all marketing contacts.

TV is thus no longer a marketing silo but is integrated into the holistic view of all marketing activities.

How do I know if I am the right candidate for the TV feature?

TV attribution is suitable for companies that:

  • regularly run TV campaigns

  • already use the Adtriba MTA

What method does the Adtriba TV feature use?

The Adtriba TV Feature is essentially a method in which a correlation is established between broadcast TV commercials and a statistically significant increase in the number of hits on the website via organic marketing channels such as Direct, Paid Search and SEO.

The biggest challenges in TV tracking are a) calculating the baseline and b) distinguishing overlapping spots. The Adtriba TV model dynamically calculates the baseline using a minute-by-minute approach.

For the differentiation of overlapping spots, we have a mathematical approach that uses the individual spots (without overlap) as the basis for a weighted distribution of the lift between the spots.

For more details about the TV tracking algorithm click here:

What can I expect when I integrate TV measures?

In Adtriba, the TV Actions are prepared in 2 different reports, a TV only report and via the Performance Report, in which TV is listed as a separate channel. The TV only report shows how many visits, conversions and sales were generated by the TV measures. By looking at spend, performance figures such as ROAS and cost per visit can be included in the evaluation.

The dimensions of the report can be adjusted according to motives, stations, environments and many other TV dimensions. In the Performance Report, TV is included as a separate channel in the dynamic attribution.Here you can find answers to questions such as:

  • Which TV measure had the best performance across all channels?

  • Which TV dimensions can I display via TV Tracking? (Channel, time, motif, spot length, environment before spot, environment after spot )

How should the data be delivered and do I need a data history?

The TV Tracking feature works exclusively with real-time media plans.

For more information please see Upload TV Data.

A data history is not absolutely necessary. Especially for new customers a data history has no added value. For existing customers, a data history can be provided in the form of real-time media plans. Adtriba can then use these to reprocess them accordingly.

What else do I need to consider when using TV Tracking?

The figures of our TV Tracking can differ from the figures of other providers. This is mainly due to the different modeling of the TV impact in the solutions.

However, Adtriba regularly compares its figures with the common solutions to benchmark the figures.

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