What exactly is the Adtriba Social View Modeling feature?

The large media platforms make it increasingly difficult for advertisers to access user-based data. This is true for platforms such as Facebook, among others. However, since the evaluation of impressions is an important part of the attribution, Adtriba has developed a way to include impressions from social platforms like Facebook or Instagram in the digital attribution even without user-level data. This is made possible through a model that quantifies the effect of social ads within the organic channels (Paid Search, Direct, SEO).

How do I know if I am the right candidate for the Social View feature?

Social View modeling is suitable for companies that:

  • use a dynamic multi touch attribution

  • run Instagram or Facebook ads

What can I expect when I integrate Social View Modeling?

Social View Modeling has a significant impact on the performance of organic channels. As soon as the Social Views are integrated into the existing setup the following effect on the organic channels can be observed:

The organic channels will give a portion of their conversions to the social views channel. However, it remains to be seen which organic channel is most strongly influenced by the respective social views source (Facebook / Instagram).

Example: 500 direct conversions, 200 paid search conversions and 150 SEO conversions were driven by Facebook Social Views.

Which marketing measures and channels can I map with Social View Modeling?

We can model and map all sources from which we receive the aggregated views via funnel in Adtriba. This includes, for example: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

How must the data be delivered and do I need a data history?

The integration of social views is exclusively done via the automated interface with Funnel.io.

How can I actually work with the results?

In general, the consideration of Social Views helps to better evaluate advertising measures in social networks. The more conversions are accounted for by the Social Views, the better the holistic performance can be estimated compared to the costs incurred.A further use case is the reduction of the 'black box' direct, SEO and paid search.

What else do I have to consider when dealing with the Social Views?

Social View Modeling is a beta feature. We are continuously working on improving and optimizing the modeling. From time to time fluctuations in the data can occur.

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