When it comes to matching costs from different platforms the industrie's facing one big challenge: The harmonization of campaign names between platforms to do a proper spend matching.

Due to this challenge Adtriba only offered costs on a source level until now. As the matching of source level was not as failure prone as on campaign level, and the naming of sources were the same between most platforms.

Nevertheless we wanted to offer our clients the possibility to see costs on campaign-level as well to get a better understanding of the campaign performance and their optimization based on CPA and ROAS.

Thus we launched the Funnel Spend Mapper in Oct. 2020.

The Funnel spend mapper gives you the chance to map your campaign costs from funnel to the according (matching) campaigns in Adtriba.

The Spend Mapper

I) Where to find the Spend Mapper

As you can configure the mapping on account level you can find the spend mapper in your account settings. Just go to the little user icon in the upper right hand corner of the dashboard. If you click on the icon you can select 'spend mapper' from the drop down menu.

II) How does the Spend Mapper works

On the left hand side of the spend mapper you can see all your funnel campaigns we pull in via your Funnel account.

On the right hand side next to each funnel campaign you can find a dropdown field which will show you all Adtriba campaigns.

For some of your funnel campaigns we may offer you an automated recommendation of one or more Adtriba campaigns below the campaign dropdown.

Once you select the recommendation or a campaign from the dropdown you can go on to the next campaign. Once you reached the end of the site you should hit the button (save all changes) on the right hand side at the bottom of the page. You can then switch sides by using the pagination on top of the input fields.

The already mapped and saved campaigns will appear with a green background, the mapped but not saved campaign do appear with a yellow background.

Once your mapping is saved, it'll take up to the next morning until your mapping is applied in the reporting.

To make spend mapping as easy and convenient as possible we provide the following filter functions for:

a) the funnel campaigns

The filters will provide you with the opportunity to filter the funnel campaigns after:

  • their mapping status
  • unmapped status and availability of recommendation
  • Connection names of funnel
  • Adtriba source or campaign names

b) the Adtriba campaign drop down

The channel filter on the right hand side is applied on the items shown to you in the Adtriba campaign dropdown only. For example if you filter after the channel Social, you would only see Adtriba campaigns from the social channel in the drop down.

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