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Spend Mapper - Increase of Funnel-campaign granularity
Spend Mapper - Increase of Funnel-campaign granularity

What to do when you need more granular funnel campaigns to match them to your Adtriba campaigns

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In many cases marketers deal with the problem, that the funnel campaigns shown in the spend mapper are not the operational level they are using for their URL-campaign parameter. As Adtriba is operating on the URL-parameters there can be still a harmonization issue between funnel campaign level and Adtriba campaign level.

For example in Funnel you are running a facebook campaign 'brand' with several Adsets such as 'new clients' and 'returning clients'.

For the URL campaign parameter you are using the adset name.

Hence you would see only one funnel campaign (brand) in the spend mapper but you would need to map it to 2 Adtriba campaigns ('new clients' & 'returning clients') which is not possible per default.

BUT there is a way to split the funnel campaign into the needed adset granularity, thus you can map the Funnel campaign + adset to the right adtriba campaigns.

Adding additional rule to append more granular information to your Funnel campaigns shown in the Spend mapper

1.) Login to your funnel account

2.) Navigate to Data transformation > dimensions

3.) Select Adtriba campaign

4.) Select the Publisher you would need to edit the campaign level

5.) Select 'Set the value of Adtriba campaign to'

value of publisher campaign


create an additional rule to append the level you would like to see in the spend mapper.


'append' value of 'adset name'

After saving the set up you can see the 'new' campaigns in the Spend mapper latest by the following day.

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