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A collection of frequently asked questions about our exports

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Per default Adtriba provides a range of raw data exports to their clients.

You can see the full list of exports we do provide here.

1) On what server do you provide the exports?

Amazon Redshift

2) What if we can't pull in data via a Redshift connection?

We support S3 or Google Cloud.

- S3: Adtriba will create an S3 bucket and provide AWS credentials that the customer can use to read the exported data from that location.

- GCS: in this case the customer needs to create a bucket in Google Cloud. We provide a service account email that the user needs to authorize to write to the GCS bucket. Adtriba would need to have the following rights in order to be able to place the exports in this bucket: Storage Object Admin (roles/storage.objectAdmin)

3) In what format do you provide the data?

Per default we provide the data as tables in Redshift but we can deliver parquet into a S3 bucket as well.

We deliver data in parquet format.

The data is partitioned by table name, reports ids & dates.

4) Do you provide full data history every day or only daily data?

We do provide the full data history every day by default, but exports to custom destinations can be done in daily increments.

5) On what time can we expect the exports to be ready?

Normally the exports are ready by 8am during summer time it rather will be ready by 9 am as we start the data processing 1 hour later compared to winter time.

6) The spend column in the performance export is only partially filled how come?

The spend column shows only Paid Search costs per default. If you your plan contains the Funnel.io cost integration, you would need to map your costs with our spend mapper first. After the mapping is successfully applied, the costs will show up in your performance export as well.

7) In what time is the time / date showing up in the exports?

We convert the timestamp into the timezone you set in your project settings. Hence one export can hold several timezones if you have several projects with several timezones configured.

8) In what currency do I see the spend and revenue in the export?

Same as with the timestamps. We always convert the spend and revenue into the currency which is set in your project settings.

9) It the revenue net or gross?

It depends on what value you transmit is in your conversion pixel.

10) I see duplicated Conversion IDs in the tracking.conversion ID export is this normal?

This is because especially in all tracking exports we want to provide the full transparency on your incoming data. Thus we do not apply any project rules we'd apply normally to the performance or customer journey export.

Such as:

  • Conversion Deduplication

  • Referral exclusion

  • IP adress exclusion

This is also impacting the location which will show up in your export. Just be sure we are applying all rules for your performance and customer journey export but we do want to give you an unfiltered view on the data we use to build your customer journeys and attribution.

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